Largest Carving Yet

Springwood Studios, designers and builders of fine furniture and artwork, is nearing completion of their largest sculpture to date.  It measures 22′ wide x 15′ tall, and will be on public display at a celebration in their shop on Thursday, July 26, from 5-9PM.  The event is open to the public.

The mural is a collage, built in a three-dimensional intarsia technique, from woods they have been collecting for over ten years.   “Everything is natural wood, carved and fitted, with its original color, grain and figure making the details of the sculpture,” said Jim Lewis, owner of Springwood.

Seven figures, larger than life, stand in a desert landscape to make a crucifixion scene.  They are shown in traditional clothing and presented in a modified iconic style.  “We show them this way because icons are simplified, a sort of visual shorthand to make you think about what’s going on.  The whole point of the piece is to engage your imagination and draw you into the scene, which is meant as a doorway to another world,” said Lewis.

Soon they will ship the mural to Sacred Heart Church in Edinburg, Texas, and spend two weeks installing it.  This is the third and final phase of the project.  The church furnishings have already been built and installed.

Lewis started out as Icarus Furniture, which he ran for 40 years.  Through Icarus, he and icon artist Christopher Lohr designed and built over 200 pieces for more than 75 churches, chapels, synagogues and meditation rooms.  “I’ve made a lot of furniture, but I like the spiritual pieces best,” said Lewis.  “You feel good about taking your time and doing things right, because you know the pieces will be around a long time and touch a lot of people’s hearts.”

The show is at the Icarus Furniture Building, 154 Fourth Street, Troy, from 5-9 on Thursday, July 26.  For a map and other details, see their website at, or call (518) 429-3909.


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