Opening Our New Gallery

Renaming PosterJoin us Thursday, Dec.11, at 3:30 sharp as Zeus promotes Icarus to the Pantheon and we become Springwood Studios!

Jim-LewisTransation: In 1972 I got a job building waterbeds. When I eventually bought the business I changed the name to Icarus Furniture, after a character in one of my favorite myths. Icarus was a mortal who, with his father, was locked in a maze and escaped by building wings of wax and feathers. Tho his dad cautioned him not to fly too close to the sun, Icarus was curious and did just that. When his wings melted, he fell into the beautiful blue Aegean Sea.

Thirty-four years and many pieces of furniture later, I needed a change. I bought out my partner and renamed the business Springwood Studios. Since then I’ve been renovating both my shop and Carmen’s Cafe, while dreaming of reopening with the new name. Well, folks, the time is now!

Springwood-StudiosI’ve made new pieces to delight you and brought some old favorites back to our freshly renovated studio gallery.
Please join me for a glance at the past and peek forward to the future

Reception/ Party
Thurs Dec 11
3:30 – 8pm
154 4th St, Troy

Call (518) 429-3909 for info

Catering by Carmen’s Cafe

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