The Grand Installation is off to a great start!

I’ve spent most of the last two weeks building crates. Ryan took apart the mural and we packed, packed, packed. Everything supported by 2x’s screwed into the backs, so nothing touches, not even the bases.  No rub spots, no splinters, no matter how much jiggling there is.  Time consuming, but very secure.

Two dozen sheets of plywood, stacks of 2×2’s & 2×3’s & furring strips. Maybe seven pounds of screws.  Seven crates of sculpture, four boxes of tools and supplies, a bundle of plywood and another of struts for mounting.  A lot of work, but we want everything safe and secure for the move and for generations to come.

My friends The Crumbs packed the truck.  They move very heavy, very delicate pieces for me and I trust them implicitly. We joke about giving them a three ton eggshell to move, but I’m sure they could pull it off without a hitch. They also cut trees, and they have given me some of my finest wood. Great guys, incredibly resourceful, very handy in a pinch. I’ve never seen them stumped.

The tedious part will be when we have to unload—  with only two of us, and a couple volunteers from the Parish, we will have to unpack the pieces in the truck and carry them inside one by one.

It was a relief when all the crates were packed two days early, we could take some time off and rest.  Carmen and I went out to dinner, then a double header—  not one but two movies. Bourne Legend, which she liked but I thought dragged.  Then Hope Springs, a bit simplistic but very sweet.  We went home feeling relaxed and lovey-dovey.  We are still blissed out today.

Old Dominion Freight Lines promises the pieces will arrive in Texas on Monday, which I find simply amazing.  It’s like UPS Second Day but with over a ton of stuff packed in a secure partition of a tractor-trailer, halfway across the country, and for a reasonable price, all things considered.

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